UN. Total buzz-killer.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 5.12.41 PM

Bro! I can totally see your house from here!

Oh. My. God. I was like at this meeting the other night and they were like, ‘bummer about the Great Barrier Reef man. And I was like; Whaaaa?’ and they were all like, ‘Yeah, that whole bleaching thing? It’s totally hefty.

And I was like, ‘yeah, SO SO SO hate bleaching. Why can’t reefs just be natural?’

 And they were like; ‘Uhh, bro, it’s because you’re the fourth biggest producer of coal, in like, the WHOLE WORLD’
And I was like, W.T.F! You’re fuckin joking!
And then, get this, then they tried to tell me it was like, something to do with me! And even showed me some numbers and shit about it. And I was like,
‘What the fuck is this epic shit? I don’t remember reading something that is so completely, incontrovertibly damning of our total disregard for the biosphere? You, sir, are a fucking buzz-kill’.
He wouldn’t listen though, and then he said he was going to tell everyone else. So I’m like, ‘I am NOT having this. I did not waltz through a sheltered, priviledged life at the behest of any number of fine cheeses to be confronted with this hectic shit’ and I got out my Frozen markers and fucking shredded that UN crap. 



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