Toorak calling…

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 10.13.25 AM.pngLa Trobe University hit rock bottom last week, suspending academic Roz Ward for deviating from the vapid political fuckspeak that now passes for public discourse in this country. Ward raised the ire of the burghers of Toorak with a passing joke about a Marxist Australian flag. Ever concerned with the opinions of right wing voters, La Trobe suspended Ward immediately and suggested she atone for her un-Australian behaviour by placing some children in a concentration camp or beating a man almost to death with an iron bar.

Let’s be clear….

Academics have the right to say what they like in the private domain, and should be able to speak their minds in the public, even if it makes Murray and Genevieve choke on their All Bran. As a nation we are being herded into an echo-chamber of venal, neutered political speech where public utterances are little more than a duplicate of the Lifestyle section of The Age.

It’s boring, offensive and dangerous. And it’s counter-productive. Every now and then normal people reach a tipping point and vote for some reactionary lunatic just for a change of scenery (that’s exactly my campaign platform b.t.w).

Australians need to talk openly, with each other, a lot, about everything. We are on the verge of a catastrophic environmental, social and economic spit-roast and this frantic, empty hand- wringing is nothing more than a heavily sponsored diversion.

And if that means that a small bunch of self-interested politicians and intellectual pit-ponies suffer a bout of confected ‘outrage’ then….WAAAAAA.

4 thoughts on “Toorak calling…

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    • Funny thing is, I couldn’t give a fuck about McGuire, as it falls under ‘heavily sponsored diversion’ – see above. In principle I’m concerned that he can’t make some stupid, vaguely menacing comment without getting pilloried by a bunch of people over-reacting for their own political ends, or to cover them. It’s much like the reaction to Hirst, really. And Ward too. And actually, now we’re on it, threatening to cancel the Visas of everyone from Geert Wilders to any number of crass, shouty rappers is pretty offensive too. Suppressing speech doesn’t make it go away. Allowing it doesn’t naturally equate to condoning it, but it must be allowed. Otherwise people just find more insidious ways of legitimising and realising their agendas.

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