Nothing is true until it’s not

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The Orlando shooting was an attack on a gay nightclub by just another lone wolf loseroo.

Except it wasn’t. According to Andrew Bolt, it was motivated by some kind of fundy-Islam brain-fart, which is quite naturally being covered up by apologist mainstream media. Pay attention, paranoiacs! This guy was not just another regular American mass murderer taking advantage of the buy-one-get-one-free-at Costco. No, he was a Muslim extremist! It’s all a cover up! Argh Argh!

Thank you Mr Bolt, you can go now.

Not long later however, the mainstream, apologist media did in fact report the gunman’s Islamic rantings. Turns out that checking your story involves a little more than just sitting down at your laptop and letting Angry-Ted hammer out the details. FYI Mr Bolt.

The gunman’s family was interrogated, his mental health questioned and previous Federal investigations into his rambling, bad-tempered, not very serious threats were rehashed as damningly portentous.*

That was until someone else piped up and suggested that maybe he wasn’t entirely motivated by radical Islamist thinking. Maybe he was motivated by just a regular, garden variety, patriotic hatred of gay people. You know, like the hardcore, violent prejudice that drives other hate crimes against the US LGBT community, a prejudice incubated by religious fundamentalism, no, no, the other one: Christianity.

Let’s be clear here, this was an attack against the gay community, we just can’t be sure which fundamentalism to blame, the ‘good’ one or the ‘bad’ one.


*NB. As an exercise, read any post at random on this blog. Now imagine I’ve done something dreadful. Now read it again. HOW COULD WE HAVE LET THIS WOMAN LOOSE WITH CUSTARD AND/OR A PLASMA CUTTER???? HAS SOCIETY GONE MAD? Now repeat the same exercise on Andrew Bolt’s blog. I know. And yet there he is, free to roam the streets.






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