Low double standards

Here you can read the ‘harrowing’ account of a small, furry mammal, left hanging from a gin trap in Masterton. It died from its injuries.

Gin traps are commonly used in New Zealand to kill small furry mammals. It is illegal to set one 150 metres from homes, in case you accidentally catch and torture a small furry mammal with a name, in this case, Eli.

“The SPCA wants to send a clear message on this issue: Don’t set leg-hold traps in urban areas. The risks to pets and children are real and the consequences are potentially severe.”

That’s right. Make sure you only set gin traps in areas away from animals that humans think are cute. Technically, of course, it’s illegal to torture any animal to death, but no-one goes to court over a strung-up possum.

It’s worth noting that in Australia, cats are the target species.


1 thought on “Low double standards

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