Worst songs of the 80s

As part of a wide-ranging, peer reviewed scientific study, I ascertained that the internet has no idea what the worst songs of the 80s actually were. As with most media, there was a distinct American bias in the lists, including a range of songs I’d never even heard of.

In Australia and New Zealand almost all music came to us via the radio. We were treated to a solid diet of anaemic, mournful synth-pop, washed down with Fanta and a cluster headache.

Here are my standout performers;


Icehouse – Electric blue (there’s even a video, if you’re after tips on how to look a bit more ‘rapey’.)

Starship – Sarah (Mental Eczema)

Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give you up (this one goes out to all you stalkers out there!)

Whitney Houston I Wanna Dance With Somebody (or: three cans of hairspray get a drivers’ licence)

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