500 words; nothingness

I know, I said I would post 500 words every day. Some days, however, are more chaotic than others. There are days when everything works, sure. Days when I write things and research things. Days when I get shit done. Other days are like intellectual fire-damp.

Today is a bit like that. Here are the things I have engaged with today;

– The rise of fashionable individualism and its effect on trade unionism

– The stochastic nature of airborne fluorine poisoning

– The budding cycle of avocado trees

– Lady Gaga being a man (hint; it’s in the name)

– Why people still listen to early Beatles music, despite its anodyne repetitiveness

– Why people enjoy anodyne repetitiveness

– The socialisation of labour market elasticity and the NAIRU and why people still talk about the Phillips curve as something that works even though…stagflation.

– KFC? Why?

– Pneumo-thorax tubes

– What to make for a solo exhibition that bumps in in one month’s time that I completely forgot about.


As you can see, today is shaping up into some kind of cerebral clusterfuck. 500 words can wait.

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