Gun violence

There’s currently strong push to identify mass killings as expressions of male dominance. Consider this article in that tells us;

Research conducted by Everytown for Gun Safety found that 54 percent of mass shootings between 2009 and 2016 — defined as incidents in which four or more people besides the shooter are killed — involved the killing of a partner or at least one family member. There are certainly outlier cases; it’s not clear that Adam Lanza, who murdered his mother before going on to massacre a bunch of children and school employees at Sandy Hook Elementary School, had any history of domestic violence. But the typical mass shooting case is one where a man attacks a group of people in order to hurt or kill a female partner over whom he wants to exert or maintain control.

Wait, so mass murders that aren’t caused by domineering, pissed off men are outliers? 46% is not an outlier.

You might be thinking; why quibble over this? Surely men exerting domestic violence against women is bad, right? Well yes. But talking about why shooters do it detracts from talking about how they did it; The shooter was mentally ill or depressed or a wife-beater. So, guns don’t kill people, mentally ill, depressed wife beaters kill people. Or so the gun lobby would have it.

When in fact, guns kill people. Yeah, it’d be nice if everyone with violent tendencies could reform their ways, but on the off-chance that this may take a little more than a couple of millennial hashtags about #love, it might be an idea to take away the high powered weaponry.

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