Well, I missed a day, in the ‘take your own advice and write something each day’ challenge that I freely dictate to others.

I hope no-one expects these little posts to make much in the way of sense or add anything meaningful to the dialogue. To wit; yoga and turbo chargers.

Any decent yogic guided meditation can also be readily repurposed as a smoko room pissing contest about turbo chargers;

Today’s guided meditation for bogans is about breath work.

Sometimes it feels like we can’t inhale enough air. Inhale. Draw it in, imagine the cool air coming deeply into your body. Go outside if you need to to find cooler air. Cool air is more dense, it has more volume. It is energising and powerful. It is powerful. You are powerful. Ignite your power. 

Sometimes our air is limited. We feel limited. Plant your feet widely upon the earth, and listen to the whistling of the wind and your compressor.  

Spooling up. And…..relax. 

Start at about eight to ten psi of boost and work your way up from there.

It’s important to remember to honour the process of slowing down too. Sometimes we stop too fast.  All that pent up pressure and energy drops away, it has nowhere to go. Watchful listening reveals the fluttering or chattering of birds’ wings, and the vanes of your turbo. Take the time to check-in with your blow-off valve. 

Spooling up…and relax

Ease into it. Take it gently. Don’t throw a code. 

And that’s today’s daily guided breath-work. Thank you for joining me. Have an amazing day everyone and remember, Mercury is in retrograde!

See what I mean?

As I was driving back from work this morning, where I experienced ridiculous, counter productive ‘covid safe’ measures I pondered the rigorous, uncompromising efficiency of the Carnot cycle. Everything is accounted for. There is no ‘waste’, only heat. Carnot efficiency has no time for counter productive measures.

We need to be vaccinated to enter our building. That’s a good measure. And, we must sign in. Also defensible. Good so far. And, we need to wear masks. There is no stipulation about what kind of mask though. So, many wear thin, loosely fitted cotton masks. I wear an N95 mask because if I am going to wear a mask, not wearing one that is effective seems like an insult.

Good so far. Now, we don’t have to wear masks in offices. OK fine, there are only a few people in each office, sometimes just one. But the air con system is connected to the rest of the building, in which there are many people. I turn the air con off in my office or lab and open the windows. The air outside is around 22c today,. I estimate that as a mammal I can tolerate a range of temperatures from around 15c to 30c indoors. At the moment, the outside temperature during the day rarely gets above 30c. Air con is unnecessary.

Here’s where it gets really stupid. All staff of my organisation are required to be vaccinated to enter the building. Periodically, there are people from another large organisation who use our building. They are not required to be vaccinated. Or wear masks, if today’s experience is anything to go by. So half of the people are following the ‘rules’ and the other half are not. And everyone, except me in my un air conditioned cave hewn from thousand year old basalt, is breathing the same air.

I’m starting to view almost all other ‘Covid Safe’ measures now for what they really are – sops for the unvaccinated. Why should I care, right? I’m reasonably healthy and can lay off the chainsaw juggling for a year or two while the health care system collapses? Because I also happened to see a middle aged woman today who is profoundly disabled, being helped along by her two care workers, both of whom I know are unvaccinated (because of gossip). These two might as well be weaving her remote control wheelchair in and out of the traffic on the four lane carriageway out the front of the building.

Maybe I’ll go to work next year.

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