Panic stations!

Oh my God, what could happen next? I’m freaking out! This article tells me that Singapore, with its extremely high vaccination rate, now has high infection rates and hospitals nearing capacity. This headline intimates that Australia will follow the same path, as waning immunity kicks in at the beginning of winter.

Oh, but then…..

People aged over 60 years make up a much bigger share of Singapore’s unvaccinated population than in Australia. It has put a heavy strain on the country’s hospital system once borders opened and cases began spiking.

Seniors who are unvaccinated and [who] have underlying medical conditions are at much greater risk of severe illness and death,” Singapore’s senior minister of state, Janil Puthucheary, said.

“Close to 95 per cent of those who died in the last six months were seniors aged 60 and above — 72 per cent of all deceased cases had not been fully vaccinated.

So, maybe, if Australia went back in time with its ‘unvaccinating machine’ and ‘devaccinated’ large segments of the older population, we might follow Singapore’s path.

There is so much hysterical media hyperbole around Covid19 in Australia, it’s entered the realm of clickbait.

Exhibit B;

To be clear, a fourth, or periodic booster is not outside the realms of possibility. As it stands, the vaccines produce high neutralising antibodies, and this response wanes over time. However, the underlying immunity remains protective against severe disease.

The real question is; what are the consequences of any Covid19 infection? This question is not even remotely discussed in this article.

There is some evidence to suggest that infection has both auto-immune and neurological effects. Neither are good news, but there is some suggestion that vaccination precludes both these impacts. Or maybe it doesn’t. Neurological effects stemming from Covid infection may ‘heal’ themselves over months, may only be in those predisposed (who would reasonably be expected to acquire them over a lifetime) or may be an artefact of data noise. There are many viruses that have neurological sequelae, and at the moment we consider this under the broad rubric of ‘ageing’. The point is, we don’t know the answers to these questions yet.

And on a personal level I am not keen to find out. I will happily get ‘boosted’ to avoid acquiring the infection but it’s not because I am worried about severe disease, or to prevent spreading Covid to a large pool of unvaccinated elderly in Australia (because there isn’t one).

The main reason for getting a booster should be to avoid infection, with its as yet unknown consequences.

The reporting of vaccination and its implications in the ABC is terrible. In both articles above the title of the article misrepresents the detail. Sometimes I think the biggest anti vaxxers must work for the ABC but then I remember that controversy creates clicks.

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