500 words for the sake of it

Writing 500 words a day is tricky, and not something I thought I’d struggle with then I started this ‘challenge’ (if you can call sitting on a nice comfy couch for a few minutes a day banging out inconsequentialities ‘challenging’).

I guess I can summarise this morning’s disjointed thoughts thus far;

Porridge is excellent with a spoonful of dark, organic black strap molasses.

Thomas Picketty is onto something, but how did it take so long? And why him? His r>g thesis basically describes the same processes of the concentration of wealth that Marx talked about, about 200 years ago. Others have said very similar things. Why is his book a bestseller? I need to look into this more, clearly.

How much of my life is spent agonising over the stuff I should look into but never seem to investigate in enough depth? Jesus. A lot.

Also, why is it so cold in here?

And then there’s the issue of whales. It’s June. Surely I should have seen some whales by now?

This morning I’m again bemused by extreme vegans who think culling feral cats is crueller than having your gizzard pulled out by a feral cat. The only difference between human-animals and wild-animals is that we seem to have some technology and capacity for killing things humanely.

Also, why is it so cold?

Related; why do some humans have a cooler body temperature than others? Mine is a whole degree cooler than anyone else I have tested, and much cooler than the average. Why would this be?

Why do we agonise over Australia’s ‘childhood obesity epidemic’ (it’s not an epidemic, but don’t get me started) but in the untangling of causative factors seem unable to address one of the biggest changes in children’s lives in the last 25 years – formula feeding. The links are pretty suggestive, I can only assume this is a an untouched shibboleth; Formula feeding, along with childcare and, I might add, easy and cheap contraception, means women can participate in the workforce more and sooner. It seems that rapid weight gain in the first few months of life has negative side effects, but hey, it’s worth it! Formula babies sleep through the night without the need to ‘train them’ (watching them cry till they vomit). Huzzah.

Which brings me to the rather confronting memory of a senior paediatric nurse who once told me that her last child was the worst of all them. She was so strong willed that at the age of six weeks old she would scream and scream when left in her cot, and then ‘make herself vomit’ so her mother would go in and attend to her. She’s always been a pain in the arse, that kid.

It’s not 500 words, but shit, it’s something.





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