Young adult; “So is this, like, the printer?’

Me; “No, it actually is the printer”. 

I am officially a grumpy old bastard. 



Get up,get kid up get kid up again and again, make school and work lunch drop kid at school get some groceries on way to work pull them out of car in pissing rain to store in work fridge then work till 2:30 drive to school collect kid for netball sign up, cash, uniform paperwork snacks take kid back to work and make healthy snacks while working then drive home and unload groceries and collapse. First world privileges on International Women’s Day. Also, thank you teenage mutant ninja turtles. 

Drug testing

There’s a lot of talk about party pill testing at the moment. It’s seasonal – there’s an MDMA rating on the tele alongside the pollen count during Mardi Gras week.

Currently the debate goes like this;

-Yes but drug testing is harm minimisation

-Yes but we can’t test them on the spot so it’s pointless suggesting it

-Yes but we can actually test them on the spot, just like they do in Europe. And evidence shows that when people discover their drugs contain Smarties and bubble bath they choose not to take them.

Meanwhile, high profile overdoses receive loud and fulsome treatment in the media and the debate continues to miss the main point.

Which is; drug testing (recreational drugs at parties/events etc) will remain difficult if not impossible for a long time yet. The police and government don’t want anyone taking drugs. The risk of dying is all they’ve got to dissuade people. If young people stop dying, more people will take party pills. You can argue about this point, but I think it’s probably got some truth to it – lack of knowledge about the content of a party pill was the main reason my contemporaries avoided party pills, saving themselves for their forties when they could hoover up bucketfuls of legitimate but completely pointless pills to maintain their chronic addiction to being middle class.